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DRS 2014


DRS 2014, the conference of the Design Research Society which is this year hosted by my current institutional home of the Umeå Institute of Design, begins in just a few days now on the Arts Campus of Umeå University. Since I have ended up as local organisation chair for the conference I have been heavily […]

My dissertation proposal is now officially scheduled for next Monday! Details from the announcement are below. The full proposal is also available here. Title: Digital Materiality in Architectures of Interaction Heather Wiltse Advisor:  Professor Erik Stolterman Committee: Professor Erik Stolterman, Professor Mary Gray, Professor Jeff Bardzell, Professor Selma Sabanovic Date: Monday, October 8 Time: 4:15pm Location: […]

This post is also cross posted on the Social Informatics Blog. Interdisciplinarity is a concept that is frequently lauded but notoriously challenging to realize. Practical realities like publication and tenure requirements and conceptions of what counts as valid research in established fields tend to push even the best-intentioned academics toward more well-trodden and recognizable paths, […]

I’ve been taking advantage of the Thanksgiving down time to do a bit of filing and shredding, and in the process I came across a book review I wrote for the Social Informatics seminar last spring of Langdon Winner’s Whale and the Reactor: A Search for Limits in an Age of High Technology. Even though […]

For the last class of HCI seminar Marty Siegel asked us to draw a picture of our research and explain it in one page. So I tried to illustrate and talk about what I mean by design ripples. Here is my attempt: Design Ripples, Illustrated (I don’t know why I couldn’t get this to show […]