Dissertation and new position

A lot has happened with me in the last few months. The first big thing is that I finished and (on 19 July) successfully defended my dissertation. It is titled The Mediating Role of Responsive Digital Materials: A Conceptual Investigation and Analytic Framework, and it is available for download here. I will also be working on turning it into papers for publication in the coming months.

The second big thing is that I have just moved to Umeå, Sweden and begun a 2-year post-doctoral research fellowship at the Umeå Institute of Design, where I will be continuing my own research and also looking for new projects and collaborations. I am very excited to be here in such a great design school, where I will be able to experience ‘design culture’ in ways that will hopefully be useful for my research.

I will post more about these things as I get back up and running, and working on things that are not my dissertation or international move!

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